Setting up a shed

There is no single process for setting up a shed.  There are however some useful resources that can help in deciding how;

  • to go about setting up a shed,
  • to establish a community group to manage a shed and
  • getting charitable and IRD tax-free status.


Sheds are usually either an Incorporated Society, a Charitable Trust or auspiced (part of another organisation – church, council group).  Useful resources are available at:


We suggest that your group endeavour to have a structure and rules that enables registration with Charities Services (CS).  Some funding providers will not grant funds to organisations that are not registered.  The advantages of CS registration should outweigh compliance matters e.g. filing a Performance Report within six months of financial year end.  Read more here and here.


The following documents are provided to assist with the establishment of new sheds. Feel free to download them and modify as required.

Example of Incorporated Society


Example of Charitable Trust

Oxford    New Brighton

An example disclosure letter for financial reviewer

Disclosure letter 

Shed operations

Who owns it. An example from the Henley shed of how to manage donated resources.