City Menzshed (Wellington)

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Wellington City Menzshed Charitable Trust was established in 2011. We are democratic with Trustees being elected, or re-elected, at the AGM.

Tuesday 28 February 2017 saw the door of 46 Frederick Street close for the last time bringing to an end nearly five years as the home of the City Menzshed. Its yellow stickered earthquake prone status, and the recent change in the legislation, put the landlord in the intolerable position of being responsible for the building’s occupants.
Despite five years of searching for a new home, the City Menzshed has been unable to find any suitable premises and is now homeless.
The Board of Trustees is determined that the valuable work of caring for the increasing number of elderly in Wellington will not cease. Members will now meet twice a month in each other homes. This will enable the socialisation to continue. However work on projects for kindergartens, schools, community groups and the hospital will be restricted to what can be achieved in-home workshops with hand tools.
Secretary John Shrapnell says The City Menzshed has been swamped with praise for our work over the past five years. While kind words may be comforting what is needed is something to give real meaning to those words. Please help us find a new home.

Contact: Secretary, John Shrapnell 04 473-7128 Email

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