Register your shed

Membership criteria

Membership of MENZSHED NZ is open to any shed that is;

  • a legally established organization, either independent or under the umbrella of another legally established organization, and
  • whose primary purpose is to provide an environment for men for their personal growth, wellbeing and understanding of their roles in family and community.

Sheds that do not meet the definition of a shed above may still be granted membership on application to MENZSHED NZ provided that there is an intent to comply with the definition of a shed.

Member sheds and sheds intending to seek membership are permitted to use the word MENZSHED and the logos of MENZSHED NZ subject to sheds not indulging in activities or behaviour that brings the men’s shed movement into disrepute.

Registration for sheds meeting the above criteria

Please complete the form below (or download form) and pay by direct deposit or cheque as follows:

  • Annual registration fee is $25 per shed.
  • Direct deposit to account: 38-9014-0191718-00 with Reference = Shed name
  • Cheque to: MENZSHED New Zealand, 24 Fleetwood Grove, Waikanae  5036
  • Emails to

If you experience problems or have any questions, please contact us.