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Many men’s sheds are involved with conservation activities – supporting habitat planting, weta motels and manufacturing rodent traps.

A 2017 survey indicated over 20 sheds were involved with making predator traps, mostly for the Department of Conservation.  “Groups like the Blokes Shed are really simple for DOC to work with. They are organised, know their business and a good result is guaranteed”, see article about the Taieri Blokes Shed.

Here is a selection of shed stories…..

Waimea Men’s Shed have made over 2000 predator traps in the last three years, many for the Brook Waimarama Sanctuary, Nelson.
Henley Mens Shed manufacture three specific designs of weta motels mainly for the School of Biological Sciences Victoria University of Wellington, who have said “The weta hotels you have supplied continue to provide useful data from across the Aorangi ranges, we are now looking to expand our monitoring into urban areas.”

Other models are supplied to schools and Kindergartens in the local area.

This Shed also manufactures the DoC designed Ferret and Rat trap boxes on an as required basis, which are installed in Reserves and Forestland areas.

Boomer Business also manufacture weta motels  
 Habitat planting – shed?