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Men’s Sheds that have been established as Incorporated Societies will be subject to new legislation passed in 2022 that replaces the 1908 Act.  Sheds will need to reregister under the new Act during a transition period until 5 April 2026.  (Important – this requirement does not apply to sheds that are established as a Charitable Trust.)

The purpose of this page is to provide links to resources that will assist sheds prepare for reregistration.

There are two items of legislation:  Incorporated Societies Act 2022  and Incorporated Societies Regulations 2023.

There is an information hub at the Incorporated Societies website.  Also check this webpage.

To assist preparation of Rules that will be compliant with the new Act, check the online Constitution Builder.

Here are examples of Rules recently filed under the 2022 legislation.

Tuakau  Waimea


During January 2024, Sophie Tremewan and Steven Moe, Solicitors from Parry Field Lawyers ran an informative Zoom session for societies.  They host an impressive library of resources.  Below is the message sent from Sophie to attendees on the Zoom session.  There is a very generous offer of a free 20 minute consultation as part of the package.

“We have released an updated Guide on the new Act which we hope is a helpful resource.  We have also attached the PowerPoint we referred to throughout which also has all our speaking notes.  The FAQ having all questions are also linked on our Information Hub and will be updated following today’s session.  More than 100 questions answeredWe are supporting many clients across the country and if you would like to have a free 20 minute conversation, we are offering that as we know it is a confusing area – particularly if you are considering altering structure type or updating rules.   

Here are the links to the information on our website about Constitutions and the new Incorporated Societies Act 2022

We have just released a series of Charities Healthchecks.  If you would like a copy, please email Steven Moe at PARRY FIELD.”