Bill Greenwood from the Bishopdale MENZSHED (Christchurch) looks after our website administration and updates to our database.

I’m a Pom – born 1946 in Nelson Lancashire – My parents make Love not War.

Aged two I sailed to Aotearoa (NZ) with my mother and three-year-old half-brother. We came to NZ to introduce my brother to his grandparents. His dad, a WW2 pilot was killed in action over Holland. My mother convinced dad to come to a ‘land of milk and honey’ from which he only returned once to the UK.

Science was my main interest at school (Papanui High) however, making a homemade bomb as a 14-year-old put an end to that. I blew off all but my thumb and index finger and two stumps, luckily, on my left hand.

The next interest was the comparative safety of owning and rebuilding cars. With the help of my dad (Manager Midland Coach-builders) I rebuilt a 1936 Ford Y and Morris 8 Sports. Wish I hadn’t sold them.

In 1964 I started work with the Ministry of Works and Development (MWD) as a Civil Engineering Draughtsman. I eventual retired after 50 years’ government service (locally, nationally and internationally) as a Principal Transportation Planning Engineer.  I specializing in Urban Design and Road Safety Management Systems.

Married to Sue for 50+ years, we still live in the house I designed and project managed a year after we wed. We have triplet adult children; extensive Government experience meant I naturally did things in triplicate. Playing social and Interclub tennis plus Yoga three times a week keeps me fit and healthy.

Community service has always been an important part of my life. A past Jaycees and Rotary President, on retirement in 2014 I became one of the “famous five” that established our Bishopdale MENZSHED. We have out grown and moved premises three times. Currently we occupy an ex-Scout den, three containers plus a large shade cloth work-space. Sheddies who enjoy the outdoors have also established a flourishing vegetable garden. We have 100+ members with around 30 present on shed days.

New technology has always excited me. I was the relief manager of the MWD Christchurch computer terminal in the days of punch card input and golf ball printers. Running our Bishopdale Shed and the National MENZSHED social media provides me an opportunity to keep up with new technology. Thank you for the opportunity.

In summary; “I’m a happy, healthy, caring, family man that enjoys the spice of life.”

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