Waiuku Community Workshop


Chairman: Derek Robbins, 021 677 474 dekernz@gmail.com

Treasurer: Sue Wallis, 027 644 7713 suzq@windowslive.com

Postal address: P.O.Box 28, Waiuku
Physical address: 5 Hosking Place, Waiuku.

We recently opened a Tool Library Waiuku Tool Library – Waiuku Zero Waste

Visit use: Inside the old shop building. Currently open on: Wednesday from 1 – 4pm.

The Waiuku Community Workshop Trust is one of the two owners of a subsidiary Charitable Company, Waiuku Zero Waste Ltd, which was developed to run the Waiuku Community Recycling Centre.

This centre diverts waste from landfill through reusing and recycling resources of all types including wood and metal through to bric a brac and furniture which are sold through an onsite shop called Waiuku Junction. Profits from the business come back to the Trust to be used to further our aims and support the local area.

Very shortly we will re-opening our Workshop, exciting times for us to get moving again!

The Community Workshop will again have number of workshops for the public to come and learn how to repair items, from wooden furniture through to welding or sewing using resources which are donated to the recycling centre. 

For more information contact Chelsea Community Workshop Coordinator Toollibrary@waiukuzerowaste.co.nz