Region 6 Representative

Upper South Island     Pat Leggett

Pat and his home built ‘Maggie’

Shed: Havelock Menzshed


I’m a retired bloke, five years now, having been in useful employment for 50 years.   The first 23 were served as an aircraft engineer in the RNZAF, followed by 5 in manufacturing and production with Vita NZ and NZ Salmon, five in tertiary education with the Academy Group, finishing off with 17 years running the technical training division of Transpower.  The journey has taken me from Auckland, around the world, and finally settling here in lovely Havelock.

 There were many adventures along that path and much learning about life and people and how one should and shouldn’t set about conducting business.  And I wouldn’t want to change any of it.

Beyond work, my wife and I and our three kids have always had the sea nearby, so boats and boating have featured prominently, interspersed with the odd game of golf. 

The MenzShed ethic I fully endorse, of fellowship and providing for the local community and have seen it operating very successfully here during the last two years.