Auckland Central Community Shed

gribblehirst (2)

Our shed (ground floor) at Gribblehirst Park, Sandringham Road, Mount Albert.


The shed has an area of 200 sq  m for woodwork and 170 sq m for engineering (metal work).  We have a small electronics area also.

Come and join us and share ideas  and a cup of tea and get involved in something for yourself or with others. We have ongoing community projects.  

We are looking for new members, community projects to work on, donations of tools and machinery and funding opportunities.

Open Hours:   Wednesdays and Saturdays 10am to 3pm We will be opening on Mondays as well  in the new year 2018 and adding an evening 6pm to 9pm at some point. Open times will increase as membership does.

For more comprehensive information visit our website 


Chairman: Ken Buckley 096254311 or 0273036636

Secretary: Patrick Harris 02102492744

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