MenzShed Dannevirke Inc

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President: Gary Cameron (06) 376 4167

Secretary &Treasurer: Ian Barnett (06) 374 2737

Shed opens Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10am to 4pm, 40 Denmark Street.

The following short history of the Menzshed in Dannevirke can also be read with pictures here Dannevirke-Menzshed-A-short-history-2013

After some feasibility meetings and organizational help from REAP and others, a building was found in Denmark street that suited. We started setup of plant and machinery, some donated, some acquired or made.

The first club day was a Tuesday in March 2012.

With an initial membership of around 30 (hard core of 12-15), we now have two days a week from 10am to 4pm approx., doing jobs for members and out work to raise funds for us.

Some of the jobs have been shelves for local non-profit shops, the local Museum has a flight of stairs thanks to some expert members, wheelbarrows & bird feeders, cabinet’s and steering wheels for toys.

Some fine furniture is being made from recycled timber by some members. An auction was held to raise funds for a builder’s estate and successfully sold his tools, some timber and goods. A boat is being rebuilt and a sail boat has been repaired, waiting on sails and rigging.

As we would like more plant, grants from Tindall Foundation & COGS allow us to purchase more for the wood work, which appears to be the main interest of members at present and where our projects are coming from.

The barrow of groceries raised funds when raffled and will be repeated in the future.

Bird feeders of various types are money makers. On a bigger scale, tables, one is being made for a Board Room. Gates and sheds are planned as projects to go on with.

Workers willing to do many jobs seem to be available and good results happen.

The club is financially stable and will continue growing we hope. Membership is good but attendance is usually low. We need some drawcard to interest the non-attendees. Maybe more social interaction.