Kaiapoi Menz Shed

MENZSHED NZ Status: Member

Website: http://menzshedkaiapoi.weebly.com/

Status:  Open

Sessions: Tuesday and Thursday, 9am to 1pm.

Shed address: Dale Street, Kaiapoi. Behind Patience and Nicholson.


Frank Overend, Secretary,
17 Magnolia Boulevard, Moorcroft, Kaiapoi 7630. Phone: 03 327-2737 Mobile: 027 682-8286  f.overs46@gmail.com

Membership stands at about 25.

Watch this space because we are going to really take off. Our profile in the Kaiapoi community is expanding and every other person knows we are “alive and kicking hard!”

Projects are coming in thick and fast, but our primary focus is finishing off the Shed. We still have to get the power hooked up. Also finishing off the interior as well as a good sized deck (Kwila) out the front, plus a ramp, and are looking at spending some more on a few new tools and machinery.