Taupo Community Men’s Shed

MENZSHED NZ Status: Member


Come to our well equipped workshop at AC Baths Avenue, Taupo and share skills, hobbies, interests or simply enjoy the company of other blokes.  We’re open Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday.  Of paramount importance is adherence to the safety rules that apply to premises such as ours, to guarantee members go home with all their limbs intact.  We have active supervisors each of our open days, to assist lesser experienced members in their projects.  While we recognise that our nomenclature is Men’s Shed, we are also gathering an ever growing number of women, keen to learn woodwork.

Our shed is registered with Charities Services and a member of MENZSHED NZ Inc. 

We continue to serve our community with many and varied challenges to renovate furniture, toys, artefacts and antiques.  Our team comprises a large and diverse range of retired experts who between them are able to cover most, if not all, aspects of a typical men’s shed encounters.  Our aim is to engage with other like minded retirees of both genders to keep their brains and their hands busy. There’s almost no length we won’t go to not only give our local populace a satisfactory result, but you’d be amazed how far we will extend ourselves for a well made batch of scones.  Come and have a chat, we could make your life interesting again!

If you are interested in joining our happy crew, please contact:

Frederik Frank, Secretary, frederik.frank.blacksmithing@bigpond.com  07 376 7201

David Herd, Treasurer, davidherdnz@outlook.com  07 377 2059

Our shed workshop phone is 07 377 4850.