Amberley Menz Shed


We have a formal lease for our new site behind the library in Carters Road, Amberley.  Now we are finalising the design of our shed and firming up on prices for the building and all of the associated costs, site-works for the foundations and the parking and access areas, power and water supply, drainage.

Meantime, our operations are currently based at a farm shed just south of Amberley, a site which provides us with all that we need until we get our new shed.  We operate on Wednesday and Saturday mornings with Saturday morning being the most popular with members, particularly smoko time where on fine days, we congregate around an outdoor table under a sunshade.


John Black, Chairman 03 314 9095

Sandra Bamford, Secretary


Coffins made to measure

Toy boxes

Toy boxes

Another project - nesting boxes

Another project – nesting boxes