Eketahuna Menz Shed

eketahuna-menz-shed-logoEstablished 2016  MENZSHED NZ Member since 2016

Eketahuna, a close knit village in the Tararua District with a population of 440 residents, now has a functioning Men’s Shed in partnership with the Eketahuna Health Centre and Henley Men’s Shed.

The blokes are fitting out a single car garage as their workshop right next to the community rooms and kitchen in the health centre as the hub of activities.

Fellowship and wellbeing are the focus, with time available to assemble kitset products supplied by the Mothership. Two sheds working to help each other.

Located at 1 Bengston Street, Eketahuna

For further information on developments contact:

Lee-Anne Phone 06 375 8188, Eke.healthcentre@xtra.co.nz