Linwood Menz Shed

Established 2015  MENZSHED NZ member since 2016P1000397 - Sign

Status: Open, Mondays from 11.30ish till 2.30 is our general workshop time

Location: Linwood Resource Centre, 332 Linwood Ave, Christchurch

Contact: Menna Harries

Marquee - a virtual shed

Marquee – a virtual shed

The “Shed” started as a workbench made out of a repurposed concrete shutter, pallets and some fence rail. The Mark II version sees the bench protected from the elements by a concertina marquee, the tarp of which we take down when the really big southerlies are blowing.

Being under canvas hasn’t stopped us from being involved in a bunch of projects including:

  • Making a mud kitchen for a community preschool,
  • creating planter boxes for a church community garden,
  • crafting macrocarpa benches for an inner-city recovery project, and
  • pre-fabricating raised planter beds for Freeville Primary’s contribution to the citywide Avon-Okataro renewal initiative.

    Benches for the Places of Tranquillity garden

    Benches for the Places of Tranquillity garden

We are a diverse group of blokes who want to pick up skills, support each other and contribute to our community. 

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