Rothbury Insurance Facility

The MENZSHED NZ Insurance Facility

MENZSHED NZ, in association with Rothbury Insurance Brokers, have set up an insurance facility for member sheds to utilise. This consists of two major policy types, though other insurance can be provided on request.

Material Damage:

Whether donated or purchased, most Sheds will have a substantial amount of equipment, everything from tools to lathes.  Should you need to replace these items it can be expensive so the Rothbury/Ace insurance facility provides replacement cover on your equipment while tools, especially those taken off-site, are settled on a depreciated replacement basis.  Natural Disaster cover is also available in all areas and premiums start from as little as $250.

We have negotiated competitive terms to insure Men’s Shed owned buildings and containers. Cover extends to include events such as Fire, Arson, Burglary, Storm & Flood Damage.  Optional cover for Natural Disasters is also available.

Please give us a call if you undertake alterations or additions to your shed.  We are more than happy to provide obligation free guidance in respect of  your insurance requirements during the period of construction.

Policy Wording:   Chubb Steadfast

Public & Statutory Liability:

While Men’s Sheds operate on a non-profit and charitable basis, that doesn’t mean they are excused from liability for damage caused to third parties property or injury to them.  An example of Public Liability would be a shed painting a local crèche and accidentally spraying paint on a vehicle nearby. Or running a display in the local shopping mall and accidentally damaging the floor while moving the display.  The affected party will claim on their own insurance first but their insurer will then attempt to recover costs from you.

Statutory Liability responds to unintentional breaches of local and national statutes.  The more common ones are Building Act, Resource Management Act, Privacy Act and Health and Safety at Work Act.  While your exposure to some of these is limited by your volunteer status it is very hard to keep track of all of them!

Policy Wording:   Rosser Surepac Business Liability

Contact Kim Gillbanks or Matthew Keane at Rothbury Brokers.