Westport Menz Shed

Established 2015 MENZSHED NZ member since 2016

Contact: Jo Howard (Secretary) 03 789 7055  westportmenzshed@gmail.com

Mail: C/0 35 Kew Road, Westport, 7825

Location 122 Peel Street, Westport.

Open: Wednesday & Saturday, 8.30 a.m. – 12.30 p.m.


A key aspect of the shed is the member’s support of each other through the multiple flood events and impacts of COVID.

August 2022 has seen the completion of a new shed build supported from the Buller District Council’s revitalisation fund. With only $12,500 the members have constructed a large workspace; wood storage bay and a multi-purpose enclose. Once power is connected, it will be furnished with metalwork and engineering equipment. This has more than doubled the space available to members.

Another addition is an industrial sewing machine and upholstery equipment.

Members are active with personal projects as well as working on the new shed and making improvements to the existing shed. Since the July 2021 flood they have been assisting with the TAS temporary homes, restored flood damaged furniture, and helped people clean out sheds. Members have supported the community by building garden beds and picnic tables for public reserves